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Telehealth and COVID-19

Medicare telehealth sessions

Telehealth/online therapy is set at $260 (with a Medicare rebate of $131.65) for a standard 50min appointment. 

Sessions per calendar year

You are eligible for 10 Medicare-rebated sessions per calendar year (face-to-face and telehealth).  ​

The telehealth platform: Zoom Pro

Telehealth will occur through the Zoom Pro or Microsoft Teams platform. All you will need is either your phone or your laptop with Wi-Fi or 4/5G connectivity and a working browser (Chrome, Firefox etc). Please take a moment to read through the security features of Zoom here and Microsoft Teams here. I will send you a Zoom/Microsoft Teams link, which will take you to the meeting on your browser. 

Preparing for telehealth

You will need to have a private location for telehealth so that we can maintain good confidentiality. Make sure the room is well lit (light facing you rather than behind your head) with minimal background noise. Please have your phone ready in case we experience any technical difficulties and I need to call you to resolve these issues.  

Face-to-face sessions: are they still available? 

Face-to-face sessions are available but there are limited places. The aim is to reduce traffic at the clinic and to minimise encounters with any other clients in the waiting room whenever possible. 

Health safety measures at the clinic

Dr Carol Newall is fully vaccinated, as is Gary Wong (clinical psychologist), who rents the premise. Surfaces are wiped down regularly and clients are require to use hand sanitisers upon arrival and departure. Whenever possible, sessions are scheduled and spaced so that clients will not encounter anyone else but Dr Carol Newall at the clinic. 

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